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Why are we doing a Neighbourhood Plan?

In the past planning has been handed down to communities by the Government and by the Council. Decisions have been made remotely. Parish councils and communities have been little more than pressure groups. While certain aspects of planning will remain at District Council level we have the opportunity to decide where development in our parish goes and what it should look like. Moreover, that plan will carry legal weight.

Why is it important?

Producing a plan represents a unique opportunity to guide what development is and is not suitable for our area. If there isn’t a plan, there will be a presumption in favour of a development application. We will have lost our voice.

Why get involved?

To date, most people’s involvement in the planning process has been reactive and consequently not as effective as it could have been – commenting on planning applications that have been made or on plans that have already been devised.

A Neighbourhood Plan allows residents to have a voice in development of their community and to define the principles involved.

Why do we need you?

We need residents’ views so that we can properly represent them. We need your local knowledge, any specialist skills, help in spreading the word about the plan. Without you, there may not be a plan or there may be one with which you disagree. Use your voice and contribute or lose it.

Why consider both Community and Neighbourhood Plans?

Neighbourhood Plans deal specifically with use and development of land. Community plans can add context to a Neighbourhood Plan and be updated as the Community grows and priorities change.

Why doesn’t the Council produce this?

The whole point about Neighbourhood plans is that they must represent the views of residents and be shown to do so. Councils and other local authorities are bound to assist and advise.

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