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CDNP - Referendum Documents
CDNP - Final Plan Documents
CDNP - Draft Plan Documents
Key Points Meeting 19 April 2014
Stakeholder Workshop 14 March 2014
Land Owners 15 April 2014
Local Highway Network
Other Documents

Other Documents

Daily Telegraph editorial 1st June (PDF 392kb)
Daily Telegraph front page 1st June (PDF 309kb)
Daily Telegraph report on need for more homes for downsizing (PDF 389kb)
Non Residents Housing Survey Report (PDF 229kb)
Proposed housing density calculation (PDF 7kb)
Desktop Biodiversity Report (February 2014) (PDF 8.6mb)
MSDC Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report (June 2013) (PDF 234kb)
Draft Pre-Submission Draft Plan for comment 18th August 2014 (PDF: 1.6MB)
Draft Policies for comment 16/07/2014 (PDF: 487KB)
Scoping Report for Sustainability Appraisal now released to statutory bodies for comment (PDF: 6.15MB)
Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan Housing Survey (PDF 516KB) April 2014
Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan Housing Survey Executive Summary (PDF 165KB) April 2014
MSDC District Plan submission May 2013 (PDF 3.1MB)
National Planning Policy Framework (PDF 870kb)
Crawley Down State of The Village Report 25/04/2014 (PDF 4.4MB)
Crawley Down Housing Survey (PDF 39kb)
1st Neighbourhood Plan flyer (PDF 96kb)
2nd Neighbourhood Plan flyer (PDF 145kb)
Ashdown Forest Protection Zone (PDF 1.2mb)   JPG version (229kb)
Assessed Sites (PDF 1.4mb)   JPG version (229kb)
Results of the under 16s survey.
Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire (PDF 186kb)
Crawley Down Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire full results (PDF 866kb)
Crawley Down Housing Land Availability Assessment - please comment on content (PDF 2.38Mb)
High Weald Plateau (PDF 574kb)
Mid Sussex District Plan Letter of Introduction (PDF 83kb)
Nature on the Map (PDF 773kb)
Neighbourhood Plan and Village boundary
Private survey of proposed Hastoe development (PDF 1.5mb)
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Scoping report for Sustainability Appraisal Rev 4a1 - updated frequently (PDF 2.58mb)
Village Boundary (PDF 378 kb)
Worth Housing Needs Survey Report 2009 (PDF 268kb)
11 April 2012 Application for designation of Neighbourhood Plan areas (PDF 1.15mb)
28 March 2012 WPC letter concerning additional housing (PDF 30kb)
07 March 2013 Desktop Biodiversity Report (PDF 1.9mb)

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