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  • Too many already, where is the infrastructure to support them? Schools, doctors and dentist are all over stretched? Every village child should have a place at the local school
  • Social Housing -
    • Is there a genuine need as opposed to a “would like” to live in the village? Where is the evidence of a clear need?
    • Shouldn’t the money be spent in other areas of mid-Sussex which are much worse off than Crawley Down?
    • Turners Hill Rd is a highly inappropriate place for any new housing. Particularly so for social/affordable housing
  • With the massive building programme in Crawley why do we also need to build more here? Our population density is already 60% higher than the average for mid-Sussex
  • More small homes for the growing elderly population and as starter homes
  • Better building control – new buildings more in keeping with the rest of the village than Beckers and Grange Rd.
  • Control of infill developments
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