Help Required

We are currently gathering input for the Scoping report (a description of the village, itís environment, issues etc).

Broad topics that we need to address are

  • Environment (including the built environment)
  • Housing
  • Economy and business
  • Getting around
  • Wellbeing and leisure

Please contribute

  • professional expertise or local knowledge
  • useful information
  • Questions and support
  • your time

We will be issuing a questionnaire (see links page), actively seeking your views at a number of stages throughout this process and will also be offering a number of opportunities to give your opinion on a range of subjects

Some suggestions

  • What is right and wrong about our village
  • Changes that are needed before any further development
  • Changes that are required regardless of future development
  • What do we want to keep/protect?
  • Village identity
  • Ancient woodland
  • Tree policy
  • What should our development philosophy (Community plan) be?
    • Infill restrictions
    • Restriction of housing to local needs
    • Covenants
    • Protections of adjoining residents quality of life
    • Minimum access requirements
    • Wrt sustainability
    • Minimum building standards
    • Tree policy
    • Infrastructure
  • Issues such as
    • Sustainable community
    • Housing needs
    • Jobs and the local community
    • Protecting our local environment
    • Improving community services
    • Environment
    • Policing
    • Health
    • Traffic
    • Transport
    • Flooding
    • Employment
    • Education
    • Allotments
    • Aircraft Noise
    • Gatwick Second Runway
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